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      1 This is probably really picky, but I'm not a fan of the Desktop directory that Firefox defaults to for downloads. As soon as I install Firefox I change the default download dir, but I had noticed that Firefox still created the dir when it started, and it would be the default location when an upload window was opened.
      3 This had been one of those things that I had lived with, never really looking in to a fix. For some reason today I decided to have a look to see if this behaviour could be fixed, and thankfully I found an answer straight away.
      5 The file `$HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs` sets a number of default directories, one of which is the Desktop directory. At first I attempted to change the value in the file, and this worked until I rebooted my system. After a reboot the file was regenerated and the Desktop value was back.
      7 If you have the `xdg-users-dirs` package installed you can run the following
      8 ```
      9 xdg-user-dirs-update --set DESKTOP $HOME/
     10 ```
     12 If you don't have the package installed you can stop XDG from regenerating the directory by doing the following
     13 ```
     14 cat >> $HOME/.config/user-dirs.conf << EOF
     15 enabled=False
     16 EOF
     17 ```
     19 Solutions found at the following links
     21 - [Arch Linux forums]( 
     22 - [AskUbuntu](
     23 - [UNIX StackExchange](