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commit 8ed2b301fa3335e5fb76d35c2d586603d695608c
parent 08b78498009a50d7bd96323562f218918579297b
Author: pyratebeard <>
Date:   Tue, 28 Jun 2022 15:44:17 +0100

lynx config

Alynx/.config/lynx/lynx.lss | 115+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 115 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lynx/.config/lynx/lynx.lss b/lynx/.config/lynx/lynx.lss @@ -0,0 +1,115 @@ +# Setting the normal and default types lets us keep (almost) the same colors +# whether the terminal's default colors are white-on-black or black-on-white. +# It is not exact since the default "white" is not necessarily the same color +# as the ANSI lightgray, but is as close as we can get in a standard way. +# +# If you really want the terminal's default colors, and if lynx is built using +# ncurses' default-color support, remove these two lines: +#normal: normal: lightgray:black +#default: normal: white:black + +# Normal type styles correspond to HTML tags. +# +# The next line (beginning with "em") means: use bold if mono, otherwise +# brightblue on <defaultbackground> +em: bold: brightblue +strong: bold: brown +b: bold: red +i: bold: brightblue +a: normal+underline: white +img: dim: brown +fig: normal: gray +caption: reverse: brown +hr: normal: yellow +blockquote: normal: brightblue +ul: normal: brown +address: normal: magenta +title: normal: magenta +tt: dim: brightmagenta: black +h1: bold: white: red +label: normal: magenta +q: normal: yellow: magenta +small: dim: default +big: bold: yellow +sup: bold: yellow +sub: dim: gray +li: normal: default +code: normal: default: blue +cite: normal: cyan + +table: normal: brightcyan +tr: bold: brown +td: normal: default +br: normal: default + +# Special styles - not corresponding directly to HTML tags +# alert - status bar, when message begins "Alert". +# alink - active link +# normal - default attributes +# status - status bar +# whereis - whereis search target +# +#normal:normal:default:blue +alink: reverse: yellow: black +status: reverse: white: red +alert: bold: yellow: red +whereis: reverse+underline: magenta: cyan +# currently not used +#value:normal:green + normal: black: lightgray +menu.frame: normal: black: lightgray +menu.entry: normal: lightgray: black +menu.n: normal: red: gray normal: yellow: black normal: brightred: lightgray + +forwbackw.arrow: normal +hot.paste: normal: brightred: gray + +# Styles with classes - <ul class=red> etc. underline: brightred bold: brightblue reverse: red: yellow bold: blue +strong.a: bold: black: red +em.a: reverse: black: blue +strong.b: bold: white: red +em.b: reverse: white: blue +strong.debug: reverse: green +font.letter: normal: white: blue +input.submit: normal: cyan +tr.baone: bold: yellow +tr.batwo: bold: green +tr.bathree: bold: red +# +# Special handling for link. +link: normal: white bold: brightgreen bold: black: red bold: white: blue +link.toc: bold: black: white +# Special cases for link - the rel or title is appended after the class. +# <link rel=next class=red href="1"> bold: red bold: yellow: red bold: yellow: blue bold: blue bold: white: green +# +# Define styles that will be used when syntax highlighting is requested +# (commandline option -prettysrc). +span.htmlsrc_comment:normal: white +span.htmlsrc_tag:normal: white +#If you don't like that the tag name and attribute name are displayed +#in different colors, comment the following line. +span.htmlsrc_attrib:normal: cyan +span.htmlsrc_attrval:normal: magenta +span.htmlsrc_abracket:normal: white +span.htmlsrc_entity:normal: white +##span.htmlsrc_href: +##span.htmlsrc_entire: +span.htmlsrc_badseq:normal: red +span.htmlsrc_badtag:normal: red +span.htmlsrc_badattr:normal: red +span.htmlsrc_sgmlspecial:normal: yellow