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commit f1b27cd80f6a181ea7fe5dc8ab39e9e7a2ae7956
parent c0dd2f024f309ef4e714f8c397cddfb7a6b3d46e
Author: pyratebeard <>
Date:   Tue,  8 Mar 2022 21:27:40 +0000

updates to selected row colours

Mcmus/.cmus/mutiny.theme | 8++++----
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/cmus/.cmus/mutiny.theme b/cmus/.cmus/mutiny.theme @@ -44,12 +44,12 @@ set color_win_cur_sel_bg=5 set color_win_cur_sel_fg=7 # Color of the selected row which is also the currently playing track in inactive window. -set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_bg=8 -set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_fg=7 +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_bg=0 +set color_win_inactive_cur_sel_fg=10 # Color of selected row in active window. -set color_win_sel_bg=15 -set color_win_sel_fg=0 +set color_win_sel_bg=8 +set color_win_sel_fg=7 # Color of selected row in inactive window. set color_win_inactive_sel_bg=0