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session 5 notes

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diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -197,27 +197,95 @@ dm - conor - donaar rolls '23' for the week of business in the tavern - we pay the full 60 and make 0 -## character notes -[character_sheet](character_sheet-nixolaus) +### session 5 +all except donaar walking back to trollskull alley, there's a massive white flash explosion. people on fire, ears ringing from blast. the explosion seems to have started outside our tavern. the front of our inn has collapsed. we head inside the tavern, it seems to be a concussive blast so no fire. there are huge piles of rubble everywhere. nix sees that the cellar door is a jar, rubick hears a faint cough from one of the piles of rubble. donaar is under the rubble, underneath him is a small half-orc kid. donaar has no pulse, he appears to be dead. we start to interrogate the kid, guldur intimidations him and he starts crying. + +a number of guards have cordoned off the area and a few are heading to the inn to investigate. a griffin lands and the rider, in shiny armour, jumps off and talks to one of the guards. the crying kid is attracting attention from the guards. a tall guard appears, escorting a human towards the crime scene. the tall guard start directing others. rubick approaches the guard in charge, and informs him that we are the tavern owners, the short human (barnabus blastwind, a member of the watchful order of mage and protectors) greets us. some of the guards run into the tavern and drag donaar's body out. + +barnabus leads us to a line up of 12 bodies and asks if we recognise any of them. we notice a few things regarding the dead bodies +- nix notices that the gnome with the burnt cloak and dagger looks like he has dried waste on his boots (sewer) and a bulging pouch +- rubick notices that the human with the armour has a black winged snake tattoo on his forearm. + +guldur distracts the guards with a noise in the alley, except for barnabus who smirks at guldur. nix swipes though pouch which contain 5 gem stones, worth 100 gold each. + +seth ( the tall human) says they need to take donaar's body for the time being but will brought back to us. + +falaar, who runs the glasshouse potion place, pulls raiann aside and tells her she saw a cloaked man take something off the gnome body and head to the bent nail inn. + +rubick is near the tiger's eye pi agency. vincent introduces a woman who says she saw a man shaped like puppet without strings on the roof, threw something into the tavern which caused the explosion. + +guldur is approached by a halfling kid who points to a barrel in the corner, he hands him a necklace with two orange beads and a broken clasp, which he found in the barrel after the explosion. guldur and rubick think the necklace is magic but are too stupid to know any more. nix recognises it as a necklace of fireballs, each of the beads is a different fire spell. + +there is a flapping sounds and a little folded up bird hits rubick in the back. when unfolded it is note from raynar, saying "go to the north exit of troll skull, i have a friend waiting". + +a half orc is talking to the guards but gestures for us to follow him. he is wearing studded leather armour, a hood and mask, two swords, and one of his sleeves is dyed red. he is raynar's friend, stil ar'yn. + +the puppet without strings sounds like the automotron which march in the parade, the parade is sponsored by temple of gond. gond is a deity of craft/smithwork, the church is all about inventions and creating. his symbol is a big cog with four spokes. + +we head of towards the house of inspired hands, it looks like a cross between a temple and a workshop. on the roof we see a humanoid shape. a small flapping thing is released from his hand and dives towards guldur. + +- raiann: throws a handaxe at the flying thing, hits it and the bird is demolished. +- the figure on the roof runs off -### spells -[spell list][] +we head inside the temple. we are met by a bronze dragonborn priest, valeta. we mention the suspicious figure on the roof, she says it sounds like a nimblewright, which was given to the temple by a wizard a few years back. we follow her up a spiral staircase to a trapped door. we knock on the door and ask nim if they had been near our tavern. stil intimidates to try and get the door open. -[spellbook][] +valeta gets nim to open the door, she isn't impressed with the intimidation. she leads us inside and we see nim who is a clockwork automotron figure. nim says he hasn't left the room. he built another nimblewright to ease his lonliness but the second one ran off. -#### cantrips -- fire bolt -- message -- minor illusion +valeta hands us a nimblewright detector to help find the second one. it can't tell us the direction, only how far we are from it. we determine that nim is the original nimblewright. -#### level 1 -- chromatic orb (1) -- disguise self (1) -- longstrider (1) -- magic missile (1) -- shield (1) -- witch bolt (1) -- thunderwave (1) +we follow the detector to the east wall of north ward and find an old villa. there is no answer at the gates, which are locked. we wait until dark. + +donaar tries to parkour over the east wall... and fails. guldur manages to break down the door with mage hand. it enters into a pantry, there are two corpses, and older male human and a younger halfling. the have both been stabbed, fresh wounds. we go in through the next door. the room is full of bodies and two thugs with bloody maces are there, we can hear fighting coming from the stairs. + +- guldur: rolls his d100 and weird music is heard +- rubick: swings at the closest thug with his warhammer but misses +- nix: uses witch bolt against the fartherst thug and hits him straight in the chest +- raiann: pieces a thug with her glaive +- the first thug swings at raiann with his mace but misses +- stil: attacks with both his swords twice and almost kills one of the thugs + +- guldur's weird music is still playing. he uses firebolt which hits one of the thugs. then he starts floating up in the air (damn d100) +- rubick: hits the thug with his warhammer +- nix: throws acid chromatic orc at one thug but doesn't quite kill him +- raiann: uses her scimitar to finish him off, then swings her glaive at the other thug and decapitates him. + +we head towards the sounds of fighting coming from the stairs. we go upstairs to find a battle raging between the intruders and the house guards. there are some bodies on the floor. + +- stil: uses his shortswords against an intruder +- house guard 1: attacks his intruder but misses +- house guard 2: hits his intruder +- house guard 3: misses his intruder +- guldur: throws chromatic orb at one of the intruders, he is still floating and music is still playing +- intruder 1: tries to attack stil but misses +- intruder 2: also misses +- intruder 3: misses +- raiann: hits an intruder with her handaxe +- rubick: hits the centre intruder with his two-hand warhammer and bludgeons him, but doesn't quite kill him +- nix: uses scorching ray against all three intruders + +- stil: shortsword against first intruder and kills him +- house guard 1: attacks his intruder and hits +- house guard 2: hits his intruder +- house guard 3: misses his intruder +- guldur: firebolts the centre intruder to death, then casts magic missile (d100) at the third intruder +- raiann: moves into the room to the south and introduces herself to the guy in the room, then glaives him +- rubick: runs in behind raiann and uses two-hand warhammer against the guy +- nix: run in as well and uses firebolt. hits but no damage +- stil: follows us in and uses dual shortswords +- the intruder tries to jump out the window. raiann whips him, then rubick cracks his leg with his warhammer + +the owner of the house comes in and asks who we are, and why we have broken into her house at night. she seems relieved though. some city watch guards enter the house. two children come out of the wardrobe. the woman is yala, a noble, she has a half-orc body guard. barnabus and two griffin riders enter the room. + +the guy (floxan) who jumped out the window was keeping them hostage until her husband attempted a revolt. the husband is behind the door that was being kicked in. + +yala asks again why we are there. nix explains they are tracking a nimblewright. at the mention of the nimblewright the lady tells us one was delivered to them but was a spy that stole her necklace of fireballs. + +the watch pulls us to one side and seth isn't impressed with us running off chasing leads. barnabus is a bit more chilled. + +we head back to trollskull. the people of alley have tidied up a bit. the upstairs, back of the tavern and the basement are good enough to stay in. + +## character notes +[character_sheet](character_sheet-nixolaus) ##### the tavern costs 60 gold every week in expenses