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Date:   Thu, 30 Apr 2020 15:25:48 +0100

undermountain session 1

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diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -124,13 +124,97 @@ suddenly we hear a roar from the next room, and three bugbears approach us. - snow: feeling pumped after destroying the first ettin, runs up the snake around the second ettin and chops both heads off at the same time - guldur: casts chromatic orb and the final, sneaky goblin and completely melts him with acid - +### session 2 +anvil, hearth. stone hammer. se corner 2 dead/rotting carrion crawlers on top of stone slab. + +open door to the south, three statues. 8ft tall elf warriors, the 3rd one has gold spear. guldur sees it is a granite statue. + +stil takes a look at the gold spear. when he touches it his hand gets stuck to it + +- stil: manages to pull his arm free and invokes crimson rite +- guldur: casts mirror image and then casts fog cloud +- tana: holds her action +- mimic: leans over to stil and opens up, but misses due to the fog cloud +- val: moves into the fog, closer to the mimic +- snow: fires an arrow in the direction of the mimic but misses + +- stil: attacks with his shortswords. first sword with his crimson rite, hits but does no damage. second same. third misses +- guldur: breaks concentration to clear the fog, casts fire bolt at the mimic which hits for damage. a rush of wind then a small ball falls to the ground and stands up +- tana: casts poison spray for damage +- mimic: tries to bite stil again but misses +- val: swipes with his warhammer for damage +- snow: fires an arrow with sneak attack for damage + +- stil: uses his shortswords, first with crim rite which kills mimic + +behind where the mimic was is a crumbled statue which looks like the others + +- snow: swipes with his claws at the nearest stirge but misses +- tana: changes into a bear and bites the nearest stirge for damage, then kills another one with claws +- stil: swings with his shortswords, first misses, second kills it. moves closer to another and kill it +- guldur: casts lightning bolt across the room and destroys 6 stirge. while he casts butterflies and petals float around him +- val: moves and thunderwave and kills some more +- stirge 1: attacks stil attaches but does no damage +- stirge 2: attacks val attaches and starts draining blood +- stirge 3: attacks snow attaches but does no damage +- stirge 4: attacks tana (bear) + +- snow: detaches from stirge +- tana: kills a stirge +- stil: detaches the stirge from tana +- guldur: casts fire bolt but misses, then the floor in front of him becomes slippery +- val: swings at a stirge with hammer but misses +- stirge 2: misses val +- stirge 3: hits snow for damage and attaches +- stirge 4: misses tana + +- snow: runs up to val and kills the stirge near him +- tana: misses the stirge +- stil: attacks stirge and kills it then attacks and kills the stirge on snow + +halleath returns while we're resting and leads us to the stairs down + +attack unsuspecting goblins + +- val: casts spirit weapon into the middle of the goblins and attacks one of them but misses +- snow: jumps on the closest with his sword and kills it +- guldur: casts fire bolt, moves further away +- stil: shortswords kills one +- tana: runs up and casts poison spray, kills one + +- val: moves up and uses warhammer, then attacks with spirit weapon to kill the last one + +we head down the tunnel and attempt to stealth past a serpent thing + +- snow: sneaks into the room and fires an arrow at the large grick but misses +- guldur: casts slow but has no effect +- grick: whips tail at snow for damage, latches on to val with tentacles and attacks with beak for major damage +- val: casts call lightning on the grick for damage +- tana: turns into a wolf and bites the grick for damage +- stil: crimson rite + +- snow: shortsword swipe with sneak attack causes decent damage +- guldur: casts slow which does effect +- grick: moves?? +- val: uses the call lightning again for decent damage +- tana: as a wolf tries to bite for damage +- stil: using two lightning weapons hits to slice it in half + +- snow: moves up to look at an upside down throne with minatour armour +- small grick 1: sneaks up behind guldur in the tunnel +- guldur: casts mirror image, tries to move out of the grick's way but gets hit +- val: +- tana: ## character notes [character_sheet](character_sheet-snow) ## treasury -| amount | from | reason | -|--------|------|--------| -| | | | +| amount | from | to | reason | +| -------------------------- | ------------------- | --- | ---------- | +| yellow gem worth 50 gold | statue on ceiling | stil | thieving | +| blue gem worth 10 gold | statue on ceiling | val | thieving | +| greataxe | statue on ceiling | val | thieving | +| | | | | +