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Date:   Sat,  6 Apr 2019 16:15:34 +0100

finished session 3

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diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -75,7 +75,50 @@ dm - conor ### session 3 - hidden room behind wall - inscription: 'a soft touch' - +- retraced steps over sticky carpet +- up to a room with hanging platforms over a 20foot drop +- donaar gets to forth platform when a smoke imp appears and attacks +- after three party members fall we decide to head back and go another route +- found a statue with a button in it, pushed the button and a door opens +- stairs down to a luxurious room which is no longer cared for +- raiann hears a voice behind a door to the east +- behind door is a bronze statue of a wizard (behind a wall of force) + - inscription the wall: 'utter madness PURE RUBBISH' + - on the base is the word 'keilier' + - when the word keilier is spoken he moves + - keilier asks for a riddle + - he tells us the inscription 'utter madness..' is not part of the other inscriptions +- open door to the north +- long corridor with doors on either side and an open door at the end (leading to the room of platforms) +- first door on the left has a large furnace + - demons to act as garbage disposal + - incinerator room +- on the last platform donaar finds a glowing moon touched elvish scimitar + - inscription (in elvish): 'mother moon keep us in the dark' +- second door on the left is an arcane workshop + - find two potions + - potion of healing + - potion of giant strength (strength: 15) + - on the wall: 'strength cannot get' +- room on the right has winding yellow path + - murials of mages holding the holy symbol + - on the west wall are the words: 'can do' + - at the end of the path is a door + - behind door is a room made of red brick + - in the middle of the room is a 3ft tall statue of a rearing unicorn + - 'everything you see is mine' magically written across base when donaar touches horn + - when the unicorn is picked up all the walls turn to mirror + - when rubick tries to take the unicorn through the door the unicorn transports back to the stand and all his clothes and equipment pile up in the room + - rubick walks out the room with his eyes closed and managed to leave the room with his clothes and the unicorn +- phrase above door of next room: 'take only what you can truly afford' + - room is full of coin + - coins arranged in flowing script 'ALL FAKE' + - another room off it + - featureless except for black iron gates at one end + - when gates are touched a mouth appears and say 'though these gates lies paradise' +- guldur and nix take unicorn statue back to tavern +- raiann and donaar appear in a pub and get free drinks +- rubick lands in a garbage pile ## character notes [character_sheet](character_sheet-nixolaus)