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diff --git a/entry/notify,_only_smaller.draft b/entry/notify,_only_smaller.draft @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@ +[ntfy]( is an opensource publish-subscribe (pub-sub) notification service. + +Publishing a message can be as simple as using HTTP PUT/POST with `curl`. +``` +curl -d "Schway, backups successful" +``` + +Publishing can be done in your choice of language (python, php, go, etc.) or via the [Android app](). + +Messages can handle titles, priorities, and tags (including emojis). +``` +curl -H "Title: pyratebackups" \ + -H "Priority: high" \ + -H "Tags: warning,rotating_light,skull" \ + -d "Frak, backups shit the bed" +``` + +Topics (e.g. "pyratebackups") can be anything you want, but there is no authentication so anybody can subscribe. + +Subscribing to topics can be done through the ntfy webUI, the Android app, or using the json stream. + +ntfy can also be self-hosted, as easily as running the `ntfy` command. + +I usually set up am email notification in my scripts, but have been trying `ntfy` out for a few weeks now. Adding a `curl` command to my scripts then subscribing via the Android app was really simple to do, and now I get instant notifications whole also keeping my mailbox cleaner. + +## see also +* [gotify]( +* [apprise]( +* [pingme](