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diff --git a/entry/ b/entry/ @@ -0,0 +1,32 @@ +It is a year to the day [since I started](20220101-absolute_git.html){target="_blank" rel="noreferrer"} the "[100DaysToOffload]({target="_blank" rel="noreferrer"}" challenge. + +The idea of the challenge is to publish one hundred blog posts in a year. For those that have been keeping track I managed just over half the requirement, publishing entry [number fifty-five](20221226-tty_twister.html){target="_blank" rel="noreferrer"} on the 26th December. + +From the very start I knew that publishing one hundred entries would be a lot of work but I was motivated and prepared to give it a shot. I made a list of as many ideas for entries as I could and with my creative juices flowing started writing everyday. Most of my writing has actually been on my phone, a lot of the early ones were written while holding my sleeping infant daughter. + +Let us take a look at the distribution of entries over the last year +``` +ls -1 entry/2022* | cut -c 11-12 | uniq -c + 12 01 + 12 02 + 5 03 + 4 04 + 3 05 + 1 06 + 1 07 + 3 08 + 1 09 + 4 10 + 5 11 + 4 12 +``` + +As you can see I started off the year strong. Twenty four entries in the first two months. That is almost half my final number published already. + +March was a bad month. I caught Covid-19 and was ill for about two weeks. For a couple of months after I also felt exhausted all the time, although having a one year old to look after did not help this. Due to this I stopped writing every day and this in turn stalled my motivation and even my creativity. + +The summer was a blur of work and parenting, barely getting a single entry published for a few of the months. Around this time I had also developed some rules on my writing. I had been drafting posts when I thought of what to write, but if a draft remained untouched for a few weeks, or I couldn't find the words, then it was forgotten. A number of the ideas I had on my list were either started as a draft or ignored if I couldn't think of how to expand on the premise. + +My entries are also quite short on average. I have been told by some readers that they like this. Even my most lengthy entries can be read in 10 to 15 minutes. I try to develop my drafts in one or two sittings. If I can write a whole entry in half an hour then it will probably get published. + +This mindset has helped me to pick up the publishing a bit more near the end of the year, not back to twelve a month though!