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updated readme

add usage and install instructions. advice on interval change and status field length

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1 +1,67 @@ # tmux bond device + +If you have a network bond setup between ethernet and your Wi-Fi device and you like to know which device is currently active from the comfort of your Tmux session then this plugin is for you. + +## Usage +Add the format string `#{bond_device}` in to your `status-right` or `status-left` option. + +Example: +``` +set-option -g status-right 'Current bond device: #{bond_device} | %Y-%m-%d %H:%M ' +``` + +By default the output will be `ethernet` if the current device is Ethernet, or `wi-fi` if the current device is Wi-Fi. +You can modify the output using the options `@ethernet` and `@wifi`. +``` +set -g @ethernet "hardwire" +set -g @wifi "802.11" +``` + +You may also wish to change the default bond device from `bond0` by using the `@bond` option +``` +set -g @bond "bond1" +``` + +## Installation +### With [Tmux Plugin Manager]( (recommended) +Add the plugin to your list of TPM plugins in `.tmux.conf` +``` +set -g @plugin 'git://' +``` + +Fetch the plugin and source it using `prefix + I`. + +### Manual installation +Clone the repo +``` +git clone git:// ~/clone/path +``` + +Add this line to the bottom of your `.tmux.conf` +``` +run-shell ~/clone/path/bond_device.tmux +``` + +Reload your Tmux environment by typing the following in the terminal +``` +tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf +``` + +## Interval +The speed at which the bond_device option changes is based on your `status-interval` setting in Tmux. + +To set a lower number enter the following in your `.tmux.conf` +``` +set -g status-interval 5 +``` + +## Lengthen status +If you find the additional information in your status bar, especially `status-right`, is being cut off you may need to lengthen the status bar field + +Enter the following in your `.tmux.conf`, changing the value as required +``` +set -g status-right-length 100 +``` + +## License +[MIT](LICENSE)