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Update README to explain URL shortening service

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,9 +1,12 @@ -# Bitreich HTTPD +# URL Shortner -Bitreich is serving the technically inferior HTTP protocol. +Shorten URL sent as PUT requests, and generate redirection for shorten +URLs. This service is based on the Bitreich HTTPD inet daemon [0]. This simple service is meant to be used with inetd(8) or xinetd(8). +[0]: gopher:// + ## Installation % make @@ -13,16 +16,22 @@ This simple service is meant to be used with inetd(8) or xinetd(8). ## Configuration -Edit the bitreich-httpd.c variable »wwwbase« to your root base. Then -change wwwindex to whatever is your index file. In case you need to -serve some other files, see how is handled. This can be -easily extended. Do not forget to change the Host in printheaders(). +Edit bitreich-httpd.c macro WWWBASE to the short links location. You +can optionally change CHARSET and NAMELEN to change how the shortened +URL would look like. + +Don't forget to update variable `host` to match you server hostname. +"localhost" is fine if you don't intend to share those URLs. -## Bugs +## Usage -Send Bugs to +URL to be shortened must be sent as PUT requests: - Christoph Lohmann <> + $ curl -X PUT -d "" http://localhost + http://localhost/txw -Have fun! +The shortened URL can then be accessed with a simple GET request. Note +that the server will return the HTTP code 307 (Moved Temporarily), +so your client must be able to follow redirection. + $ curl -L http://localhost/txw