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session 7

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diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -376,6 +376,49 @@ we ask, "does the 'animated construct' have to be alive?" we decide to try and sneak nim the nimblewright out of the temple, and guldur will be our 'drunken elf'. we also want to know if a "disguise self" spell will work if nix pretends to be lord neverember, whose gold it is. +### session 7 +we head to the house of inspired hands, they seem happy to see us. we are able to 'borrow' nim, as long as it isn't going to hurt/damage them, thanks to guldur's persuasion. + +rubick asks the talking stone if we can use a shaven dwarf or if it has to be a dwarf that never grew a beard. a female dwarf will work. one of the contractors fixing up the tavern is a female dwarf. we attempt to persuade her to come with us, but aren't very convincing but she begrudgingly follows us. + +guldur gets drunk, and we head to the vault. the door is huge, and has no handles. in dwarvish runes it says "the three keys, bring them forth". guldur, the dwarf, and nim step forward and the doors open. + +inside is a massive vast chamber with stone columns holding up bridges high up above. there are 12 doors around the room. none of the doors move apart from one set, which gently budges. nix pushes a bit more and the doors open up into another room. there are stairs going up. guldur moves into the room and is immediately fascinated by the fresco on the wall, and won't move for the next 24 hours. rubick walks up behind guldur to try and knock him out and also becomes fascinated with the wall. + +raiann attempts to fire breath the wall to destroy it. + +nix figures out that there is some magic on the wall, anyone within 10 feet becomes enthralled. if enough of it is destroyed the spell may be broken, but the two who are under it's spell try to defend the wall. + +stil: fires his crossbow at the wall which causes damage +nix: launches a bubble of acid which splashes against the wall +raiann: throws her handaxe, but the handle hits the wall and doesn't damage +rubick: heals guldur from his smashed head +guldur: casts a fire bolt at stil but misses + +stil: fires his crossbow at the wall but misses +nix: casts a fire bolt at the wall for damage +raiann: throws her handaxe again, but the handle hits the wall and doesn't damage +rubick: casts sacred flame against raiann +guldur: casts a fire bolt at stil but misses + +due to the damage to the wall rubick and guldur are no longer under the spell. we all decide to head up the stairs. along the wall there is a large mural of a dwarven god. there are also large warhammers along the path. there are a number of bridges which cross the first chamber we entered. we move to the final bridge and cross to find a large locked door. guldur, being drunk, attempts to fight the door with his backpack. rubick and stil push against the door and it starts to open. inside is a small room, the walls are covered in frescos of dwarven blacksmiths and an anvil in the centre of the room. stil notices a hammer on the wall can be removed. he pulls it out and it has dwarvish runes behind it on the wall, which reads "let hearts be lifted and battles won". stil bangs the hammer on the anvil, which causes us all to gain 10 temp hp. we notice the anvil has runes which read "let the hammer fall and the anvil ring". + +we hear a scraping metallic sound outside. the door at the end of next bridge along has now opened. this bridge is broken, so we need to jump. rubick jumps first, but falls. it is a 60 foot fall, so it does pretty bad damage to rubick, but he manages to make it back up to his in record time. stil jumps over the gap with ease. guldur throws one end of some hemp rope over to stil to make the jump easier. guldur jumps and falls, but stil manages to stop him from hitting the floor. guldur drops the last 10 feet. raiann also falls. + +nix shouts to stil and asks him to go and look inside the room, tells the rest of the group to stop jumping off the bridge. stil looks in the room but can't see much accept some more dwarven runes. as stil doesn't read dwarvish so rubick jumps a second time and makes it. the wall reads "a secret never before told will part dumathoin's lips". there is also some rusty armour covered in cobwebs. rubick tells us all that he has an extreme fear of centipedes, and a staircase appears behind the wall. raiann, nix, and guldur manage to jump across the gap to join the others. + +down the stairs we find a corridor which heads north and south. we all head north. there are alcoves all along the walls. in one of them is a heap of gold. in the next alcove, there is a pile of rubies and gems. out of the gloom steps a very old dwarf with a staff that looks like a dragon. he greets us and asks if we want to come back later when he has tidied up. his name is barok clanghammer. he seems like a nice, truthful dwarf, but something about his manner comes across as not dwarven. he asks what brings us down here, and rubick shows him the talking stone. he warns us against magic items like this. nix tells him we are looking for the dragon, and the treasure. the dwarf asks us if the treasure belongs to us, nix casts disguise self to appear as lord neverember to try and convince barok that he is lord neverember, but he isn't very convincing. + +rubick and guldur try to explain that neverember swindled this treasure so it belongs to the city. the dwarf flickers and vanishes, then a dragon appears behind the group. the dragon asks raiann in dragonic if we are telling the truth, to which she says yes. + +the dragon hands raiann a large gem and asks us to take this gem to the city lords as evidence. the dragon will wait until a city official comes back to take ownership of the treasure. + +we head out of the vault, and at the front gate we meet barnibus blastwind, and saeth cromley along with 10 other city watch. barnibus greets us and tells us he would like our help with something. we say we need to go to the city official, and barnibus suggests we all go together. + +we travel to castle waterdeep with the guards and explain everything to lady silverhand, who is very pleased to hear of our discovery of the treasure. when we ask for a reward barnibus reveals that he has had a tail on us and then saeth starts reading out a list of laws we have broken. after all of that barnibus agrees that he is willing to overlook all the penalties and give us 10 percent of the treasure if we stop going on adventures. + +the tavern has been rebuilt, and renamed 'the heroes rest', and the sign is a silhouette of donaar. + ## character notes [character_sheet](character_sheet-nixolaus) @@ -409,6 +452,7 @@ we can spend coin to promote business | | | | | 500 gold | temple of inspired hands | destroying nimblewright | | adjustable stilts (guldur) | temple of inspired hands | destroying nimblewright | +| 50K gold | barnibus | finding the treasure | #### spent