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session 6

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diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -284,6 +284,99 @@ the watch pulls us to one side and seth isn't impressed with us running off chas we head back to trollskull. the people of alley have tidied up a bit. the upstairs, back of the tavern and the basement are good enough to stay in. +### session 6 +when we wake up, the two blacksmiths from the alley would like to help fix the inn. + +the is a large reward waiting for us in the house of inspired hands. + +raiann has the nimblewright finder device. + +we found the nimblewright hiding under a pile of junk in an alley south of trollskull, just off brahiir's street. when we approach it, it throws off it's cloak and takes a fencing position with a rapier + +- nix: throws acid splash at the nimblewright and cause minor damage. makes one of stil's swords magic +- stil: attacks with shortswords and does damage +- rubick: attacks with two-handed warhammer and buckles the nimblewright +- raiann: uses whip and yanks it off it's feet +- guldur: casts chromatic orb but misses and then disappears from view, invisible to the party +- nimblewright: takes the momentum from the whip attack and turns its blades on raiann, hits a second slash with the rapier and causes damage, then swipes with a daggar for more damage + +- nix: casts acid arrow but misses +- stil: attacks with swords again and causes damage, but the nw is still alive +- rubick: attacks with two-handed warhammer and causes damage +- raiann: attacks with scimitar but the nimblewright somersaults over it +- guldur: (still invisible) using breath weapon to cast scorching ray for damage but misses with chromatic orb. then becomes terrified of nix until his next time +- the nimblwright is dead but stil hacks it's head off anyway + +in the cloak it threw aside there is a map of the city of the dead with an 'X' and the word 'Cassalanter' but nobody knows what it means. + +we head back to the temple of the inspired hands with the nimblewright's head. the priestess is hanging a huge statue. stil tosses the head at her feet. she sends a young helper to the coinmaster and he brings a large bag of coin back to us. we follow her to small room and gives us a pair of small (2ft) poles with a horseshoe on top, they are adjustable stilts. guldur tries them on, and with the keyword 'altitude' makes him 5 foot taller. she shows us a pipe that lights itself which nix takes. then she takes out a traveller's backpack which, when you're falling you can pull a cord and it will slow your fall. finally she shows us a small 6inch cube with a crank on top, which when wound will make a loud barking sound or yapping sound when somebody walks near it depending what it is switched to. + +we head to the city of the dead. stil knows that at night there are guards patrolling. he tells us the best time to go is during the day. we still go at night, because we're bad ass. there are 8 guards around the walls. + +guldur uses his 'friend' cantrip and persuasion to try and get past the guards. it only works on one of the two guards standing in front of us, the second guard isn't persuaded. gulder can then teleport up to twenty feet on each turn for the next minute. the first guard is startled when guldur teleports behind him. a bit of persuasion on the second guard convinces him and the first one leads us into the city. + +we manage to get him to tell us about 'cassalanter'. he points to a large, well-lit, mausoleum and says that he thinks that is 'casslanter'. then guldur's "friend" spell wears off and the guards realises we're hostiles and calls for back up. + +- nix: reaches out with shocking grasp but the guard knocks his hand away with his spell +- guldur: casts mage armour and then casts seven magic missiles which completely obliterate the guard + +we quickly run towards the mausoleum, which has the word 'cassalanter' engraved on stone in front of it. there is a huge stone door with a family emblem emblazoned to the side. rubick attempts to pick the lock and succeeds. in the entrance the family emblem is on the floor, and there are four coffins which have names engraved in them. we see human footprints in the dust heading to the stairs. + +rubick heads down the stairs first, followed by raiann, stil, guldur, and nix at the back. we see more coffins, and keep following the corridor. rubick looks around the corner and sees two dead bodies on the floor. raiann notices that they are both male. the first has been gutted with a dagger (which is still in him), and guldur notices the second has been inflicted by 'inflict wounds' spell. we hear a coughing from a small alcove. stil heads towards the noise and finds a woman who has also been stabbed, not responding. rubick heals her with "cure wounds". we try to find out who she is and what happened, but she is reluctant to talk to use. guldur uses "friends" to find out that her b/f is one of the deads bodies. they were all members of a cult who were betrayed by two others. they were looking for a stone that apparently is a map to gold. the cult worships 'asmodiaus' (the deity of indulgence). the woman pulls out an amulet to show us the symbol. she tells us which way they went, towards a windmill at the south of waterdeep. she asks that we promise to avenge her bf's death. + +we decide to loot the dead and start opening the stone caskets. rubick attempts to open one but is too weak and the lid doesn't budge. + +we then head to the windmill, the door is not locked so we head inside and into the first room, which has six squatters in and they all hide when we walk in. the next room has five squatters in. the third room has one person in, who looks like he his high as fuck. + +we decide to head upstairs. we see an ancient millstone under some debris, a couple of unlocked doors, and one locked door. we can't hear anything on the other side. rubick checks one of the unlocked doors, the room is covered in bird droppings and half the ceiling has collapsed. + +rubick then picks the lock on the locked door. it is a nice looking apartment and there are two people in the room who looked panicked when we walk in. + +- stil: uses his hand crossbow and hits one of the people. she cries out "sofia..." +- rubick: casts "inflict wounds" but misses +- the enemy sofia: casts "inflict wounds" back at rubick +- the other enemy: casts "inflict wounds" at raiann and causes her to fall unconscious +- raiann: succeeds a death save +- guldur: casts 'mirror image' then appears slightly younger to nix +- nix: casts hideous laughter at sofia. she saves on wisdom but falls prone with laughter + +- stil: walks up to sofia, who is on the floor, and attacks with short swords and causes damage +- rubick: casts "spare of the dying" on raiann to help her, and "cure wounds" to heal her slightly +- sofia: reaches out to rubick and a flame appears but only does minor damage +- the other enemy: pulls out a dagger and swipes at raiann with damage then swipes at stil but misses +- raiann: fails a death save +- guldur: casts chromatic orb at the other enemy then uses sorcery points to cast chromatic orb again. now for the next 10 rounds of combat guldur has to shout now for the next 10 rounds of combat guldur has to shout. +- nix: casts "scorching ray" against sofia and does massive damage. she reaches into her robes and throws a stone to the other one who reaches out to catch it + +- stil: attacks sofia with shortsword and finishes her off. he releases the sword and brings his other sword up and swings at the outstretched hand of the other one and cuts it clean off + +we see a green stone on the floor. rubick attempts to heal raiann and manages to get her to stand up. we head back to trollskull, and rubick has the stone on his person. + +in the morning rubick hears a voice in his head, + "congratulations..." +he replies, + "thank you" +the voice replies, + "it has been a long time since i was won fairly in battle. for years i have been stolen, dropped, and swapped." + "who own you?" + "nobody owns me, but for now i am yours" + "where are you from?" + "outside reality" + +nix tries to figure out what it is but is too stoned or something + +the stone says, + "are you after the gold? there is a vault deep under waterdeep, and three keys are needed to open the vault. these keys are 'a drunken elf', an animated construct, and a beardless dwarf. finally the gold is guarded by a gold dragon called aurinax" + +we ask, "do dark elves count as elves?" + "an elf is an elf" + +we ask, "does the 'animated construct' have to be alive?" + "providing the construct has not been destroyed or rendered inoperable, however or an object with an animated objects spell will suffice" + +we decide to try and sneak nim the nimblewright out of the temple, and guldur will be our 'drunken elf'. we also want to know if a "disguise self" spell will work if nix pretends to be lord neverember, whose gold it is. + + ## character notes [character_sheet](character_sheet-nixolaus) @@ -313,6 +406,10 @@ we can spend coin to promote business | small silver key wrapped in velvet cloth | treasure chest | after fight with mimic | | red gem with tiny gates within (raiann) | magic dias in blue alley | after fight with floating sword | | moon touched elvish scimitar (raiann) | floating platform | | +| | | | +| 500 gold | temple of inspired hands | destroying nimblewright | +| adjustable stilts (guldur) | temple of inspired hands | destroying nimblewright | + #### spent | amount | to | reason |