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undermountain session 1 and new char sheet

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diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -0,0 +1,89 @@ +## character +##### snow of the mountain [5] + +| class | race | background | alignment | exp points | +| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | +| rogue | tabaxi | anthropologist | chaotic neutral | 6500 | + +### defence +| hp | initiative | speed | +| --- | --- | --- | +| 43 | 3 | 40 | + +| armour class | hit dice | proficiency | +| --- | --- | --- | +| 14 | 5 | 3 | + +### attacks / spellcasting +| name | atk | damage/type | +| --- | --- | --- | +| shortsword | +6 | 1d6+3 piercing | +| shortbow | +6 | 1d6+3 piercing | +| dagger | +6 | 1d4+3 piercing | +| shortsword | +4 | 1d4+3 slashing | + +### ability scores +| ability | score | mod | saving throw | +| --- | --- | --- | --- | +| str | 12 | 1 | 1 | +| dex | 17 | 3 | 6 | +| con | 14 | 2 | 2 | +| int | 13 | 1 | 4 | +| wis | 10 | 0 | 0 | +| cha | 11 | 0 | 0 | + +### skills +| skill | score | ability | +| --- | --- | --- | +| acrobatics | 6 | dex | +| animal handling | 0 | wis | +| arcana | 1 | int | +| atheletics | 4 | str | +| deception | 0 | cha | +| history | 1 | int | +| insight | 3 | wis | +| intimidation | 0 | cha | +| investigation | 7 | int | +| medicine | 0 | wis | +| nature | 1 | int | +| perception | 3 | wis | +| performance | 0 | cha | +| persuasion | 0 | cha | +| religion | 4 | int | +| sleight of hand | 6 | dex | +| stealth | 6 | dex | +| survival | 0 | wis | + +### languages +- common +- elvish +- infernal +- thieves' cant +- undercommon + +### weapon proficiencies + +### armour proficiencies + +### tool proficiencies + +### equipment + +#### coin +| pp | gp | ep | sp | cp | +| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | +| | | | | | + +### traits + +#### personality + +#### ideals + +#### bonds + +#### flaws + +#### features + +### other notes diff --git a/d_and_d/ b/d_and_d/ @@ -0,0 +1,136 @@ +# undermountain + +## party +| character | class | race | player | +| --- | --- | --- | --- | +| tana timbers | druid | gnome | maryam | +| guldur despana | sorcerer | drow | steve | +| snow of the mountain | rogue | tabaxi | dudley | +| stil ar'yn | bloodhunter | half-elf | john | +| valentino cinderfoot | cleric | halfling | jp | + +dm - conor + +## party notes +### session 1 + +start at the yawning portal, we all pay 1 gold piece to go down the portal. we are introduced as obaya uday from port nyanzaru, on behalf of the wizard wakanga to find magic items. + +everyone cheers as we are lowered down the portal. people are putting bets on us. it is a 140foot drop, takes a long time to get down. we are lowered into a 40ft square room, with sand on the ground and dusty, graffiti covered shields on the walls. + +we follow a corridor to another room. the walls are lined with door shaped recesses with encarvings are demons. at the end of the room are stairs downward. one of the carvings is pointing across the room to a bas relief. when val investigates a door opens up. behind the door is a tunnel. it leads to a room which is slightly flooded. there is a damaged statue to the side, which gives off a dim purple glow. the head appears to be hollow, and twisted around. + +when val gets close to the statue an oil slick from around the statue detachs and approaches val + +- val: casts sacred flame for damage +- tana: turns into a bear, attacks with claws and bites the ooze to kill it + +now we are closer to the statue and see that the head has been screwed a little bit. snow climbs on top of it and unscrews the head to find it full of melted wax, like a jack-o-lantern. snow looks around the room but doesn't notice anything unusual. we go back up the tunnel and venture down the stairs. we enter a dipped area with large pillars, and a giant snake skeleton. on the SE wall, we see the words "certain death this way" and an arrow pointing to the southern exit. + +we follow the death arrow into another corridor. at the end of the long corridor, around the corner we see a dead goblin and a headless statue of a nude woman surrounded by rubble. val digs through rubble and finds the head of the statue, it looks like two snakes. snow and val think that it is from the yuan-ti people. near the goblin are some pickaxes and tools, it looks like they were digging into the wall. + +snow find a couple of copper and a handful of human teeth in the goblin's pockets. + +we crawl down the tunnel to find _another_ nude woman statue with no head, and the head is the snake. at the end of the room is a single door and a double door. snow opens the single door to find another corridor with another door at the end. the double doors opens up to a larger tunnel heading to the east and the south, with candles floating at intervals. + +we head east and eventually come to an alcove with a carving of a bas relief sculpture of a heavyset man playing a harp. on the ground is a broken pole. stil approaches the sculpture and sees an inscription "gaze upon me with bronzed visage and secrets shall I reveal." + +tana squeezes into the alcove to stare at the sculpture but nothing happens. we decide to keep moving and come to another door, which opens to another corridor. we head south and go through another door. we enter a large room with a 30ft wide floor to ceiling map carved into the wall, and a 10ft square pit with a figure deep in the shadows of the 30ft deep pit. val calls down to the figure who asks to be helped up. snow drops down some hempen rope, the figure climbs up and thanks us for the help. he introduces himself as hallaeth garke, he is a revenant. he explains that his _friends_ came down several days ago, they had an argument and he was stabbed and tossed down the pit. he lifts his head and looks undead. guldur thinks he is telling the truth. he asks if we can help us find his _friends_ and he will give us the map they stole. + +snow looks at the carving on the wall, which is a really detailed map of undermountain and the 23 dungeon levels. next to third level is a button/bas relief of a flaming skull, 16 has one that looks like a comet, 23 (the bottom floor) has one with a tower which has a rune above it. each of these can be pressed. + +hallaeth walks over to the wall and presses the flaming skull, we hear a loud magical voice saying "gate access to skullport disabled". he presses the comet and the voice says "gate access to stardock from level 16 only". then he presses the tower and the voice says "gate access to halaster's tower from level 12 only". he goes over to the south wall, knocks on four different bricks, and another secret door opens. snow goes over to the other door in the room to find another corridor. + +hallaeth leads the way through the secret door. we reach the end of the corridor and another door, which is covered in gears and locks. we open the door and enter a large room with another statue. the statue is a lifesize dwarf king, but from the neck is a deformed growth and his hands clasp a stone warhammer. + +stil notices that the king's hammer is a separate piece of stone. he turns it and the pedestal rises another 3 feet to expose a hollow with a gold replica of the circlet around the king's head. val takes the circlet and puts it on top of his pot helmet. we decide to take a short rest. + +val comes to learn that the circlet is a 'circlet of blasting'. + +suddenly we hear a roar from the next room, and three bugbears approach us. + +- snow: leeps at the closest bugbear with his claws but misses, then he jumps around the corner as guldur shouts for him to get out the way +- guldur: casts lightening bolt and hits two of the bugbears, destroying one of them. +- bugbear1: stomps around the corner and swings it's morning star at snow but misses +- bugbear2: attempts to hit stil with his morning star +- tana: casts entangle in the area around the bugbears but only one of them gets caught up in vines, then she changes into a bear +- val: casts spiritual weapon which looks like a trident and appears behind one of the bugbears and causes damage. then he casts sacred flame but only does half damage +- stil: attacks with his one of his shortsword for damage, then the other shortsword for more damage. he swings the first shortsword again to finish the bugbear off. when the bugbear dies a tiny brain thing appears on the floor +- hallaeth: runs to the brain thing, which is an intellect devourer, and swipes at it with his fists and pounds it into the ground + +- snow: swipes his shortsword with sneak attack and puts it straight through the bugbear's eyesocket, killing it. +- guldur: casts firebolt at the next enemy he sees +- tana: decides to charge the next enemy she sees +(we hear a dull scream from the north corridor and some goblins appear) +- val: makes it through the vines and casts guiding bolt on the first goblin but misses. then he moves the spirit weapon closer to him +- stil: approaches the first goblin and attacks with his shortswords but only hits once for minor damage +- hallaeth: he swings his fist at the first goblin but misses, on the second swing he kills it + +- snow: dashes around the vines then fires a shortbow at the next goblin, killing it +- guldur: casts firebolt and the third goblin and destroys it +- tana: still as a bear and runs towards the goblins +- goblin3: runs up to tana for an attack but tana bites down and kills it +- goblin4: fires an arrow at tana and hits for minor damage +- goblin5: also fires an arrow at tana for more damage +- goblin6: fires an arrow at stil but misses +- val: moves his spirit weapon towards the goblins then casts sacred flame and kills the forth goblin +- stil: approaches the next goblin and attacks with his shortswords and kills it +- hallaeth: attacks one of the goblins + +- snow: dashes along the corridor to the furthest goblin and attack with his shortsword but misses +- guldur: casts firebolt at the goblin snow just attacked. then tana and val take hit points which guldur gains +- tana: still as a bear approaches the two goblins by snow and tries to bite one but misses, but claws the second one to death +- goblin7: slashes at snow, who dodges to take minor damage +- goblin8: fires an arrow at tana for damage +- goblin9: attacks haellath +- goblin10: attacks haellath +- goblin11: fires an arrow at snow, who dodges for minor damage +- val: casts sacred flame at a goblin and kills it +- stil: approaches a goblin and attacks with his shortswords and kills it, then turns to another goblin and kills it aswell +- hallaeth: attacks a goblin but misses then kills it on the second hit + +- snow: dashes up to a goblin and swings his shortsword with sneak attack to hit, killing it +- guldur: joins the fight instead of minding the door +- tana: turns back into a gnome and casts poison spray at a goblin and destroys it +- goblin12: fires an arrow at tana for minor damage +- goblin13: fires an arrow at snow for minor damage +- goblin14: fires an arrow at guldur but misses +- goblin15: fires an arrow at stil for minor damage +- goblin16: fires an arrow at val for minor damage +- val: runs up closer to the goblins +- stil: fires his crossbow at the closest goblin and kills it, then again at the next goblin to kill it +- hallaeth: swings both fists at a goblin but misses completely + +- snow: dashes along the wall to the corner then fires an arrow at a goblin but misses +- guldur: casts firebolt at a goblin and kills it +(snow hears a roar and thumping steps then two huge two-headed ettin come looming out of the darkness) +- ettin1: approaches snow +- tana: hides back then casts poison spray at the ettin in front of snow for minor damage +- goblin17: fires an arrow at snow but misses +- goblin18: fires an arrow at hallaeth but misses +- val: approaches the corner the casts guiding bolt at the closest ettin which causes major radiant damage +- stil: approaches the nearest ettin and attacks with his shortswords causing damage on two strikes, missing on the third +- hallaeth: approaches a goblin and misses on the first swing but hits and kills on the second + +- snow: matrix style runs up the wall and swings a shortsword at the ettin, slashing open it's neck then claws across it's face to finish it off +- guldur: casts chromatic orb at the second ettin for major fire damage, then a third eye appears on his forehead +- ettin2: roars at the revenant and swings it's morning star, smashing hallaeth across the room. then he stomps up to stil and slashes him for damage with his battleaxe +- goblin19: hits guldur with an arrow, then scampers off +- tana: summons a giant snake and orders it to attack the ettin +- snake: wraps around the ettin, tightening around it +- val: runs over to hallaeth to see how he is... he is definitely dead. he then casts spiritual weapon again for damage on the ettin +- stil: attacks the ettin with his shortswords causing damage on two strikes + +- snow: feeling pumped after destroying the first ettin, runs up the snake around the second ettin and chops both heads off at the same time +- guldur: casts chromatic orb and the final, sneaky goblin and completely melts him with acid + + + + +## character notes +[character_sheet](character_sheet-snow) + +## treasury +| amount | from | reason | +|--------|------|--------| +| | | |