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diff --git a/index.html b/index.html @@ -11,19 +11,19 @@ <header> <h1>pyratebeard &lt;dot&gt; net</h1> </header> - <div class="subsection"> + <div id="me" class="subsection"> <h2>me</h2> <p>A professional Linux engineer based in Dublin, IE. I have years of experience in the infosec world, currently working in the devops team at an IT security company.</p> </div> - <div class="subsection"> + <div id="log" class="subsection"> <h2>log</h2> <p>Occassionally I will <a href="">post articles</a> related to technology, security, free and open source software, and tips or tricks that I have found useful.</p> </div> - <div class="subsection"> + <div id="code" class="subsection"> <h2>code</h2> <p>Some of the code that I write or use can be found in repositories on my <a href="">git server</a> or on <a href="">gitlab</a>/<a href="">github</a>.</p> </div> - <div class="subsection"> + <div id="comms" class="subsection"> <h2>comms</h2> <p>If you would like to reach out my addresses are:</p> <ul> @@ -32,12 +32,12 @@ </ul> <p>For more direct contact message me on IRC:</p> <ul> - <li>pyrtbrd @ <a href=""></a></li> - <li>pyratebeard @ <a href="">geekshed</a></li> + <li>pyrtbrd | <a href=""></a></li> + <li>pyratebeard | <a href="">geekshed</a>, <a href="">freenode</a></li> </ul> - <p>You can also connect with me on <a href="">mastodon</a> or <a href="">twitter</a>. + <p>You can also connect with me on <a href="">mastodon</a>, <a href="">telegram</a>, and < href="">wire</a>. </div> - <div class="subsection"> + <div id="encrypt" class="subsection"> <h4>encrypt</h4> <p>If you would like to communicate securely my PGP key can be found <a href="">here</a>, or incant:</p> <pre>curl | gpg --import</pre>