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diff --git a/entry/ b/entry/ @@ -0,0 +1,34 @@ +I use AWX for Ansible in work quite a bit. We have a number of workflows that will run on multiple hosts. One issue we had was that some systems may be offline when the templates in the workflow run, and this would result in a template (and ultimately a workflow) failure even though all the other systems were successful. + +Stackoverflow to the rescue! Thanks to Alex Cohen for [this solution]( + +To combat the offline hosts the playbook can be modified to perform a check on the inventory first, loading any online systems into a "reachable" group. The rest of the playbook would only be run against the online systems. + +``` +--- +- hosts: all + gather_facts: false + tasks: + - block: + - wait_for_connection: + timeout: 5 + - group_by: + key: "reachable" + tags: always + check_mode: false + rescue: + - debug: + msg: "unable to connect to {{ inventory_hostname }}" + +- hosts: reachable + tasks: + - name: normal playbook tasks from here + ... +``` + +As you can see this is achieved using the `block` feature in Ansible. The `key` parameter in the `group_by` module specifies the name of our ad-hoc inventory group, in this case "reachable". + +Using the `debug` module message in `rescue` allows us to mark the offline systems as rescued so it doesn't fail the playbook. Then the rest of the playbook is run against all systems in the "reachable" group. + +This now doesn't cause my workflows to fail and I don't have to explain why I'm not concerned when there is red on the dashboard (¬_¬). + diff --git a/entry/ b/entry/ @@ -0,0 +1,5 @@ +I am [not a fan]( of the abusive use of cookies and the despicable consent pop-ups. So I am delighted to read that a decision has been reached by the Belgian Data Protection Authority that online advertising trade body IAB Europe's consent pop-ups are unlawful, and they must delete all user data for violating GDPR. + +You can read more about this on the [Irish Council for Civil Liberties]( website, and here is the [PDF of the full decision]( + +This decision will impact hundreds of companies that use this data, and looks to be another step forward in the battle against the obnoxious plague of cookies and pop-ups. diff --git a/entry/ b/entry/ @@ -0,0 +1,14 @@ +Last year I volunteered to give a talk at one of the [Dublin Linux Community]('s online meetups. I decided to give a talk on [git](, the version control system, and inspired by xero's [grok git]( I made the presentation a shell script. + +To get a copy of the presentation script in your terminal incant +``` +curl -L -o gitsavvy +sh ./gitsavvy +``` + +or if you trust me pipe directly into a shell +``` +curl -sL | sh +``` + +The recording of the presentation is on my [peertube instance]( diff --git a/entry/ b/entry/ @@ -0,0 +1,31 @@ +The first Desktop Environment (DE) I ever used on a Linux distro was KDE (circa 2008). Coming from Windows I was amazed at how much you could customise the theme and style of the windows, even back then I preferred dark mode everything. I started to play around with themes and colours, and this customising continued through my use of Gnome 2 and then XFCE. By this point I had started to notice screenshots of Linux desktops online, leading me eventually to [/r/unixporn]( and the term "ricing". + +According to the [/r/unixporn wiki]( + +> "Rice" is a word that is commonly used to refer to making visual improvements and customizations on one's desktop. It was inherited from the practice of customizing cheap Asian import cars to make them appear to be faster than they actually were - which was also known as "ricing" + +I was jubilant to find a whole community of people who enjoyed customising their systems. Through /r/unixporn I was introduced to new techniques, tools, software, and other communities. + +My ricing became more deliberate. I started to see ricing as an art form, taking inspiration from others, pictures, or even single colours. I moved away from DEs and began using a Window Manager (WM). I also paid more attention to the software I used and tried to customise everything I could. I also began to [share my ricing screenshots]( + +A few /r/unixporn ricers (xero, venam, z3bra) lead me to the [nixers]( community. While not strictly a "ricing" community there are a number of members who rice. Recently it was decided to showcase some of [our screenshots]( + +I see a lot of posts on /r/unixporn and [/r/unixart]( with ricers saying "this is it, my finished rice", and I always chuckled at this. I was always playing around with my colours and styles, forever tweaking. There is no end... I thought. + +I haven't made any changes to my current theme in a long time. It was a lot of tweaking to get it how I like it, but the style, colours, usability, have all worked so well that I haven't needed to adjust it. I like this rice so much I entered it into the August 2021 /r/unixporn ricing competition and took [second place]( (thanks to all who voted!). + +This isn't to say I have finished ricing, I have a few ideas for new projects, but have been so happy with what I have now that maybe "this is it, my finished rice". Somebody will probably chuckle at the naivety of that statement. + +If you want to get into ricing check out /r/unixporn and /r/unixart to get an idea of what is possible. [Dotshare]( is a great source for themes and their accompanying configuration files. I found [gpick]( a great tool for finding colours and whole palettes from images. The website []( is also useful to play around with the colours and see how they look together. + +Take your inspiration from anything. I have riced based on comic books, album covers, and even a single colour. + +Some of my favourite rice screenshots by others are: + +* [bbs lyfe]( by xero +* [hyper light drifter]( by novcn +* [creation]( by szorfein +* [muspelheim]( by barbarossa +* [gvfr]( by nxll + +A collection of my rice screenshots can be [found here](